Thank you!!!!!

This weekend was amazing and a huge thanks to all of you who participated, supported, cheered from the stream’d sidelines, and dreamt about this event.

We’re going to take a quick moment and catch up on some rest both here on the website and in the Archon’s Corner Discord.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for a great weekend!

The Why

KEYFORGE LIVE is a fan sponsored & organized event to celebrate the game of KeyForge and in-person play. And while we have every indication that Fantasy Fight Games will eventually bring back Vault Tours and other mass events, we know it will likely not be within the next few months. So it is our goal to create an event to help replace the void of in person play caused by the pandemic and help revive our community in a way we’ve been unable to in the past year and a half.

Who are the organizers?

We are a small organization of people that love and support this game by airing weekly podcasts (Archons Corner & Help From Future Self), hosting articles, and running various weekly online events on TheCrucible.online. We are putting on a live event while official play is still getting back on their feet. Have questions for us, you can find us on the Archon’s Corner discord

When and where is it?

KEYFORGE LIVE will take place on July 23rd, 24th, and 25th in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

The event itself will be at:
Four Points by Sheraton Milwaukee Airport
5311 South Howell Avenue
Milwaukee, WI. 53207

Use the above link for hotel block event pricing.

What events will there be?

There will be three main events, one on each day, and as many on demand side events as necessary.

July 23rd: Three Deck Survival. Each deck is played until it loses and then you’ll move to your next deck. The player with the last deck left, wins. The top cut may finish the event on the morning of July 24th if necessary. $1,800 in cash prizing.

July 24th: Sealed Mass Mutation. Each player will be given three sealed decks. You’ll pick one to use for the entire event. The top cut may finish the event on the morning of July 25th if necessary. $1,350 in cash prizing.

July 25th: Four Round Team. Each team will consist of three players (we’ll help you find a team if needed). Each player will play one of three format. The Archon player will use the same deck each match. The Reversal player will play their opponents deck each round. And the Short Adaptive players will bid on decks based on their desire to play their own deck or their opponents. $600 in cash prizing.

Side events of 4-8 people will run as demand warrants with additional prize support.